Social Media Management Outsourcing Services

Social Media Management Outsourcing Services

We provide social media management services in Manila, Philippines

We are a Philippines-based consultancy company that specializes in providing social media management for digital agencies, advertising and marketing firms, and clients worldwide. We succeed by helping you on strategy and finding you the right-fit outsourcing partner in the Philippines. Let us help you find the perfect fit social media specialists for your organization.

Our services include social media outsourcing in the following areas:

  • Facebook Management

Facebook has become ubiquitous with social media. If you’re looking to improve your client’s or your own social media presence chances are Facebook needs to be a part of that strategy. We provide full time talent that are experienced when it comes to executing on a Facebook strategy. Our outsourcing services include everything from initial concept and designs, to content creation, content scheduling, moderation, analytics, optimization and running Facebook Ads.

  • LinkedIn Management

LinkedIn is the ultimate B2B platform. If your client or business markets to other businesses or is looking to improve its employee recruitment capabilities then LinkedIn should definitely be part of your broader social media strategy. C9 Digital can help by providing branding, content creation and scheduling, and outreach using tools such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Recruiter to help accelerate your results on LinkedIn.

  • Instagram Management

Companies that are heavy in e-commerce, fashion, beauty, cosmetics, health & wellness, and many other niches can benefit greatly from building a following and community on Instagram. As Instagram is owned and managed by Facebook, C9 Digital can provide standalone Instagram teams and/or integrated teams that can manage both your Facebook and Instagram social media accounts at the same time.

  • Twitter Management

Twitter is an important platform for brands looking to establish thought leadership, share their voices within their industries, and share content and ideas online. C9 Digital has experience managing Twitter accounts and working carefully with our clients to create an authentic voice that captures traffic and engagement with their target audiences.

  • Community Building

At the heart of social media management is the goal of building a real community behind the technology. We work closely with our clients to really understand who their target market is, what their needs, questions, concerns, and desires are so that the content stays fresh and relevant in their minds.

In our view, good social media management is not about the frequency of postings as much about the quality of the underlying communication and how well that communication resonates within a target market.

  • Social Media Comment Moderation

Although social media is traditionally thought of as an extension of your digital marketing strategy, we view social media holistically as part of both a brand’s communications and customer care strategy. With that in mind, our social media outsourcing services also include customer care where your team will monitor inbound comments, questions or concerns by customers and respond quickly to increase brand loyalty and engagement.

  • Social Ads

Although C9 Digital is big on generating organic traffic we also recognize that under many circumstances generating traffic via paid ads can be a fast and smart strategy to help achieve results faster. We have experience running social ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Snap Chat, and other platforms and can integrate ads into your broader social media content goals to help generate unique traffic, engagement, sales, and other objectives you may have in mind for your client’s (or your own) brand.

  • Social Media Strategy Consulting

Do you know you need to be on social media but you’re not quite sure what the right strategy should be for your organization?

C9 Digital provides social media consulting services to help our clients get a better understanding of what a specific social media strategy should look like for your brand. It starts with helping us get a better understanding of who your target market is, where they frequent on social media, and what kinds of content the they’re likely to engage with. From there our consulting team can work with our outsourcing talent to execute on your strategy and generate results within your business.

  • Content Creation (Copywriting)

A very important (and often under emphasized) aspect of a good social media strategy is high quality and persuasive copywriting. C9 Digital employees both local (Filipino) and remote (global) writers experienced in dozens of vertical to help us in creating persuasive copywriting to help communicate the value proposition behind your client’s product or service and create social media content that will convert viewers into customers.

Benefits of C9 Digital’s Social Media Management Services

Experienced Social Media Strategists

When you outsource with C9 Digital, we’re more than simply a philippines-based company you outsource your social media too, we are strategists dedicated to helping you achieve rapid results.

Experienced with Customer Care

With experience consulting and managing the customer care of some of the biggest brands in the United States, we’ll be able to manage your social media marketing while also making sure that any customer service issues communicated on your social media platforms are handled efficiency and competently.

24/7 Availability

Our teams are available 24/7 in all global time zones. Communicate with your social media management team at the times that are best for your local business.

Analytics & Optimization

We’ll not only manage your social media accounts, but we’ll be able to provide the tracking, analytics and reporting needed to give you the insight into what’s working and what’s not working with your social media strategy.

To get started with our social media management services please fill out the inquiry form below and one of our account managers will get in touch with you shortly.