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What channel are you living on? Our five senses, sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell, are like antennas, observing the world around us and transforming its sensations into perceptions of reality. But is reality really fixed? In other words, do we all experience the same meaning from the same information? Like a television set, are we all using the same screen, but observing different channels based on how we choose to interpret what’s happening around us?

I remember when I first moved to the Philippines and started my contact center company, I was a bit taken back by the level of poverty in the country. I would also sometimes feel discouraged by the challenges of doing business in a developing economy, different time zones, restrictions, lack of access to a good network, where my clients lived and worked. Yet, despite this, I chose to deliberately perceive a reality that felt empowering. I saw myself with successful clients. And I did my best each day, to keep my mind fixed on the channel that I wanted to see expressed in my life.


So how often do we go about our day involuntarily imagining the same recurring negative cycles in our jobs, careers? You know, those nasty mental conversations we have with our friends and family, limitations that we impose on ourselves. And yet, we’re also good at doing the opposite, right? Seeing ourselves in the most ideal way, empowered, happy and successful at every level. This flickering of light, going back and forth in our imaginations and emotions, between the positive and the negative is like constantly changing the channels of our life.

So today, I challenge you to hold the vision, your vision of who you are in this present moment. Not as you currently are, but as you would like to see yourself become. Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled, and hold that light constant by selecting and persisting in one channel. Your possibilities are endless today. You’re in the driver’s seat in this magnificent game we call life.


My name is Phillip Lew, and thanks for listening to this episode of Morning Motivation.

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