About Phillip Lew

Phillip lew

I help entrepreneurs, investors, and managers, like you, make better decisions when it comes to outsourcing in the Philippines or doing business in the Philippines. I’ve built and managed large outsourcing offices for global clients in the arenas of customer care, call center, digital marketing, artificial intelligence and more over the last 4 years living in the Philippines.

I’ve also have helped multi-national corporations create strategy and launch their products and services in South East Asia and have experience setting up successful sales and operation offices in the USA, Europe, and Asia regions.

My Name is Phillip Lew and I am an American graduate of Boston University. I enjoy starting new partnerships, helping others make sense of our changing world, and helping companies succeed in the Philippines. I am also the host of the popular 3D Audio Podcast Series Innovators – where we help you make sense ofdisruptive exponential technologies and the coming Singularity.

Link to Podcast show:

Some of the areas we help our clients in at C9 Digital include:

  • Finding the right fit outsourcing strategy and vendor in the industries of customer care, call centre, digital marketing, app development and many more!
  • Helping global investors determine the right investment opportunities in the Philippines. (Foreign Direct Investment)
  • Helping global brands create and execute on a strategy when entering the domestic philippines marketplace.
  • Philippines-based business registration and incorporation consulting and processing
  • HR Outsourcing Services in the Philippines
  • VISA Processing Services in the Philippines

I hope you enjoy your time here at C9 Digital and if you find yourself ready for the next step please fill out an inquiry form below and one of our consultants will get in touch with you within 24 hours!


Phillip Lew

CEO & Founder of C9Digital